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Drone-Tek gives DJI drone users the ability to create flight plans using mapping tools to fly their drones precisely.

Turn on the DJI drone, then the remote control, and connect the smart phone or mobile device to the remote control. Be sure that the firmware for the drone has been recently updated.

Drones will take off and land according to when the flight plan is engaged.

Select and modify the speed, altitude, and the specific camera angle for the drone.


  • Create and save flight plans to fly now or later
  • Create an Orbit flight plan to photograph or video an entire area
  • Have the drone follow the remote & connected device wherever a drone user plans to walk or drive



We believe that aerial filming supported by advanced technology, is an art form. We utilize the latest custom-designed camera platforms and advanced electronic stabilization technology to capture stunning aerial imagery from Full-HD up to 4K resolution. Our leading-edge camera platforms and creative team allow us to capture spectacular imagery and film sequences that will amaze any audience.


We support a wide variety of cameras and platforms for any operation. Our camera platforms allow us to create low and slow or high and fast movements. We can capture your models and subjects in unique and creative ways, bringing a new level of impact to your production. We offer full post-production services for both photography and promotional videos, or we can provide raw footage directly to your production team. We are flexible and adaptable. 


Our company is highly experienced in the aviation environment, which enables our team to safely plan our film and shots. Safety is important. We perform all of our filming according to strong operational & safety policies. You can rest assured that Drone-Tek is fully insured with a comprehensive liability policy.

Please contact us for more information and pricing, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.