Drone Innovation That Soars

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Drone-Tek has a line of drones for small, medium, or large tasks. Each drone is customizable with payloads specific to the job required. If you don't see what you need we can make a custom drone that will!


Drone Mods

Drone-Tek has upgrades available for 3DR and DJI drones to make them more accurate in flight and more stable platforms. 



Drone-Tek offers drone services for any purpose or occasion. Their highly qualified staff utilize the latest Drone-Tek designs with the industry leading Drone Deploy software to provide professional quality results. 

Drones For Any Task

Small Drone

-Upgraded 3DR drone with enhanced positioning
-Customizable with 1K or 4k cameras (FLIR)
-Choice of control software
-Good for photography, inspections.


Medium Drone

-Customizable with Thermal, 1k or 4k cameras
-Choice of control software and controllers
-Good for surveying, crop inspection, real estate photography. 


Large Drones

-Customizable with LiDar, Thermal, 4k camera
-Choice of control software and controllers
-Good for Search & Rescue, surveying, cinematography, agriculture, law enforcement, fire services.


Waterproof Drone

Drone-Tek has drones for any condition including underwater surveying or flights over lakes and rivers.


Custom Drone

Have a unique situation that requires a special drone? Why not work with Drone-Tek to create your own custom drone. We have created custom drones for public safety departments, utilities, and forestry.


Survey Drone

When you need a drone to survey a large area, a special drone with high lift wings and a long battery life is required. Drone-Tek has the solution.

Drone-Tek custom designs drones to fit any purpose . They can be outfitted with LiDar, Thermal, 4K cameras, droppable payloads, long battery life, high accuracy positioning and more.
Great for surveying, searching, or cinema with your choice of controller and software.


Drone Deploy

All Drone-Tek drones are compatible with the industry leading Drone Deploy software. Most Drone-Tek services are performed using this award winning software.


Custom Control Software

Drone-Tek also has their own custom drone control software with custom features not found in other software when the job has to go above and beyond.

3DR Drone Mods

Since 3DR isn't making them anymore, Drone-Tek can upgrade your 3DR drone to perform like a new drone with GNSS and board upgrades to improve accuracy and stability.

DJI Drone Mods

DJI drones are great out of the box but can be even better and that's what Drone-Tek can deliver. GNSS chip upgrades and other tweaks by our military trained drone engineer can produce amazing results. Inquire today on how we can help.

Drone-Tek offers many services with drones from aerial photography and video, engineering projects, surveying, inspecting, search and rescue, to real estate. If you can dream it we can fly it.


If you are interested in any of our commercial or custom drone products, or want to hire us for a service, please fill out this form and we will contact you quickly.


PO Box 444                     
Vincent AL 35178


Email: info@dronetk.com