Third Party Solutions

Autel Drones

Experience the current bleeding edge of video resolution with the EVO II 8K Drone from Autel. This lets you make prints up to 100" wide, punch in, crop, and scale images with great detail, and capture stunning hi-res screenshots from your footage.

DJI Drones

Designed to empower a new generation of workers, the DJI Enterprise Drones are the ultimate expression of a tool that delivers beyond expectation to meet current workplace challenges.

Vigilant CG-1

High performance aircraft designed for endurance and long loiter times over an area. Ideal for large survey jobs, fire watching, search and rescue, or long inspection routes.

Drone-Tek Solutions

Drone-Tek DT-X8

With eight motors, enhanced GPS positioning, and extended flight range, the X8 is an ideal platform for aerial photography, inspections, spraying, and carrying heavy payloads.

Drone-Tek DT-4

Designed as the swiss army knife of drones, the DT-4 can be modified easily to carry FLIR thermal imagers, 4K cameras, gimbals, and other light payloads. Your choice of multiple controllers and software.

Tether System

Drone-Tek 7H Tether System

Designed to solve one of the biggest problems when flying drones at long events, swapping batteries. With the Drone-Tek 7H Tether System your drone can fly up to 7 hours before the pack needs to be recharged. The wheel around cart includes a cable winder and AC plug to recharge anywhere. Never have to miss the action swapping batteries again!

Spray Sanitization

Drone-Tek Spray Sanitizer

With the onset of the COVID pandemic it is clear that public venues will need to be sanitized before and after events to prevent the further spread of diseases. For this reason Drone-Tek has put together an automated spraying drone with its 7hr tether system to get the job quickly and efficiently. 

Drone-Tek also creates custom drone designs to fit any purpose . They can be outfitted with LiDar, Thermal, 4K cameras, droppable payloads, long battery life, water proofing, high accuracy positioning, long flight times, extended range, and more. Great for surveying, searching, or cinema with your choice of controller and software.

Cameras and Thermal Imaging

Drone-Tek offers several options from industry leading FLIR for your picture and thermal needs


Affordable thermal imaging

FLIR Duo Pro

Top-of-the-line thermal images  

FLIR Zenmuse XT 2

Premium Aerial thermal imaging


Radiometric Drone Thermal Camera

Drone-Tek Engineering

Molds, composites, motors, antennas, and controllers all created and assembled in our engineering facility


Drone-Tek offers several software options suited for different missions. If these don't do the job we can modify open source software to fit your specifications.

Drone Deploy

All Drone-Tek drones are compatible with the industry leading Drone Deploy software. Most Drone-Tek services are performed using this award winning software.


Drone mapping takes a fraction of the time of traditional scene documentation or terrain recognition methods.
Document accident and crime scenes in 3D in a fraction of the time.

3DR Site Scan

Site Scan area surveys make it easy to produce high-resolution orthomosaics, digital elevation models, and 3D point clouds.


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