Using the latest tech in sUAS development

Drone-Tek designs start as CAD drawings developed from customer requirements to work through aeronautics, function, and asthetics. When the customer is satisfied it meets the specifications given, the project moves to the fabrication stage. 

Fabrication is done on a variety of machines in our office including 3D printers, routers, and layup machines. Each part is carefully inspected for any flaws that would limit the life of the part. Parts can be fabricated from a variety of materials to save weight, strengthen, or waterproof parts of the UAS.

Drone-Tek makes extensive use of carbon fiber in their designs to add strength while reducing weight. No matter the part required we have a way to either create or modify to get it done with professional results.

All Drone-Tek designs are customizable with different firmware, controllers, and flight software. After assembly the UAS is fully tested for flight characteristics, lifting capacity, battery capacity (time in flight), stability, RF communications, and controllability. The customer receives the results of these tests upon receiving their new custom UAS so they know how good their custom Drone-Tek drone will serve their mission. 


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